Floor Cladding

Hebel Floor Systems

We trust in the Hebel Power Floor for their dedication and commitment to flooring systems. They give so many great benefits, and here are some of the best ones:

The Strength and Dependability that You Can Trust

Hebel is first and foremost, a masonry product that is much like traditional bricks- solid, secure and gives a confident backing that makes you feel at ease. Hebel’s blocks and panels can be trusted to do the same for you.

Highly Resistant to Fire brings Security and Peace of Mind

You can be sure that building with Hebel will provide extra security and safety for you and your family. Hebel is made to withstand fire and is non-combustible. The Panel and Block systems from Hebel far surpass Fire Resistance Levels (FRL), starting at 60 minutes up to 240 minutes with regular CSIRO testing. They also trump and exceed all six of Bushfire Attack Level categories with flying colors.

Green Living with the Environment and Safety in Mind

Hebel has other properties that beat the competition out of the water. Its AAC construction is unique and bestows a better insulation factor as a masonry product. Australia’s strict and rigid building regulations are fully met with the distinctive thermal mass and thermal resistance properties, which makes Hebel the practical choice. In homes and for personal homeowners, Hebel offers a thermal efficiency for your place of abode- this attribute automatically lessens your need to cool the place down with airconditioners or turn the heating up on cooler, wintry days. This saves you precious money and reduces your reliance in appliances, thereby contributing to helping mother earth and negating the rising costs of electricity bills.

Unmatched Acoustic and Sound Properties

Another unique quality of Hebel’s AAC innately reduces noise in between rooms and also protects from the noise of external sources and the outside world. Home theatres and similar entertainment systems are further enhanced and homeowners are satisfied with the improved acoustics and noise cancellation that Hebel provides. Suffice to say, it is the ideal building material for the modern home.

The Goal of Sustainability for a Better Earth

Hebel keeps the best interest of our environment with a number of benefits as compared to the normal concrete blocks and bricks. A standalone Life Cycle Assessment that follows the ISO 14 024 International Standards and handled by the Good Environment Choice Australia, which is the best methodology in quantifying the impact of a product’s life to the environment, deems the Hebel as clearly beneficial to our environment as it passes all of the key criterias.

To be honored with the prestigious label, the products should have a 30% lesser impact than its alternatives. Hebel utilises a 64% and 61% less embodied energy, plus 55% and 64% reduced greenhouse gas emissions compared to its alternative products, the brick and concrete veneer.

Hebel is constantly working to transcend the current standards by setting the bar in quality materials used for residential and commercial living.

Proven as one of the Best in Market and Recommended by CSR

Hebel is the recommended material of choice and it is developed and made in Australia by the CSR Building Products Ltd. The brand name CSR is recognised by many for its technical expertise, product quality, stock and warranty supplies of Hebel systems and products.

-An alternative to costly timber floor.

-Lightweight and versatile concrete fill can be tiled.

-Air Aerated Concrete is quick and easy to install.

-The best building material to choose if you need the strength of concrete but do not want the added weight and cost. Add in the exceptional factors such as thermals, acoustics and fire-resistant properties, and Hebel is the material to get.

-This is what we do best- we specialise.