Rendering (and Texture Coating)

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We use only the best products and brands in the industry today. Our team makes sure each job is tailored to meet your needs and has its own system and specification which comes with a manufacturer warranty. From traditional cement render to the high polish glass effect, white set plaster or the superior texture coatings, our team is well experienced and take pride in their professional workmenship.


Want to save time, increase productivity and eliminate the slow task of applying render by hand?
Our team has the answer.
We have all types of render, texture and paint pumps for different sized projects. Our advantage is that we make our job easier, faster and more cost efficient that conventional rendering without compromising quality.
They can be used on a wider variety of surfaces, including concrete, cement blocks, and AAC concrete panelling. With the right preparation, they can be used on smoother surfaces like cement sheeting, new high tech polymer exterior cladding such as hebel power panels and expanded polystyrene.


Is a natural gypsum plaster which is applied in two coats. Base coat and finish coat. Base coat which is proyalabi plus can be applied in a athickness of 100mm in one application. It is best applied by spray machine. Finish coat proyalabi Fino is applied as a skim coat over base plasters or renders which can be trowel finish and polished to a high smooth natural off white finish or a marbling finish when tint is added.


Tadelakt is nearly waterproof lime plaster used both on interiors and exteriors of buildings. Traditional applications includes polishing which riverstone and treatment with oleic acid in the form of olive oil soap to acquire its final appearance and water resistance.
Stucco is a material made of an aggregate, a binder, and water. It is applied wet and hardens to a very dense solid. It is used as a decorative coating for all walls and ceilings.
Stucco is durable, attractive, and weather-resistant wall covering. It was traditionally used as both an interior and exterior finish applied in one or two thin layers directly over a solid masonry, brick, or stone surface. The finish coat usually contained an integral colour and was typically textured for appearance.


Is a decorative acrylic polymer and granite-marble base coating material for exterior and interior walls. Decorative external and internal covering a product of fadeless with its natural colours, water resistant-washing and rubbing, flexible and breathable. Due to high quality additives in its compound, it is very resistible to rain, humidity, uv and negative effects of salty humidity at sea side, industrial weather conditions and all kind of weather conditions.


Is an application of a pre-mix layer of sand and cement to brick, stone or mud brick. It is often textured, coloured or painted after application. It is generally used on exterior and interior walls. Depending on the look, rendering can be fine, or coarse,textured or smooth. Different finishes can be created by using different tools such as trowels, sponges or brushes.


There are also a wide variety of premixed renders for different situations. Some have a polymer to the traditional cement, lime and sand mix for enhanced water resistance, flexibility and adhesion. Acrylic premixed renders have superior water resistance and strength.

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We have a specialist divisions in painting, roof restoration and floor coaings. We can provide professional colour consulting services, that means peace of mind and a structured approach to delivering a superior quality finish.

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