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Acrylic Base Coats

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We use only the best products and brands in the industry today that come with a manufacturer warranty. We use acrylic based cement renders which come with great benefits. They are cost effective, proven performance, water resistant and attractive which can be applied to create different finishes from a smooth concrete look to a popular textured look. The biggest advantage of using acrylic render is that it is less likely to crack over time due to it’s flexibility than traditional onsite rendering mixes. Our clients choose to use Acrylic render as it has a rapid drying time which can be reached in just a few days instead of 28 days for traditional cement render.

Texture Coats

Texture coat is 100% acrylic coating which can be tinted to any color desired and is used on top of rendered base coats to achieve the highest finish. Texture coats have the highest flexibility that enables them to accommodate the daily stresses of cement render caused by expansion and contraction from temperature changes, it also protects against water, dirt, salt and alkaline attack.

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