Hebel is 100% manufactured in Australia by CSR and is proven to be an successful building product both here in Australia and overseas. Hebel is fast, highly fire resistant , high acoustic absorbing and energy efficient.
Our certified team install a whole Hebel System from the Panels to the final coatings. CSR Hebel has worked closely with the leading coating manufacturer Dulux Acratex to develop a range of finishing options for all Hebel Systems, from simple acrylic coatings to high build renders and textures.

The Hebel power panel has received several positive reviews and is becoming quite popular in modern rendering and construction. This new lightweight masonry construction has many obvious benefits and will drastically revolutionize the construction industry. As a direct result of technological advancements in construction, it provides depicts various desirable features and characteristics that render it unique from any other existing construction. Here is a brief description of Hebel power panel construction including its features and benefits:

Features of the panel

The Hebel panel comprises many characteristics and features that are integrated to provide a perfect piece of masonry. The main goal is to solve various masonry challenges and meet changing requirements. Some of the features you will find in this piece of construction include the following;
• Green smart lightweight construction
• Enhanced thermal and fire endurance properties in both walls and suspended floors with a 4 hour fire rating
• Superior acoustic properties in a simple construction that is easy to install
• No bricks and wet trades needed but you still get a solid high quality feel

There are several other characteristics of this form of masonry. It is a quick install technique that takes a short time to complete. With the steel mesh reinforcement, its core component is only 75mm thick and this provides minimal onsite wastage.

Benefits of the pan

The advantages of Hebel power plant are quite obvious and straightforward. It is a lightweight masonry that depicts superior thermal and acoustic properties, two of the most important aspects of construction. There is no need for onsite lifting equipment as everything can be completed using cheap tools. The construction consumes 69% less heavy gauge metals and result in the minimalist onsite wastages. It also results in less (up to 64% less) gas emissions. This construction uses large panels that equate to 72 bricks and your project will soon be complete. It is quite cost effective which is amazing considering all the benefits you get. Fireproof and noise reduction performances are not any lesser than in brick houses and it also prevents you from freezing during cold seasons.

Key characteristics of Hebel power panel construction

This piece of construction has several unique characteristics that are unlike any other. Some of the basic attributes of Hebel include;
• Textured finish and solid feel
• Steel top battens and hats
• Timber and/or steel frames
• Coarse flashings slab design that is damp proof
• Thin external walls that increase the living space
• Lowest embodied energy

This construction has already been installed in many different business and residential areas. It is set to become the next favorite construction as it offers the key benefits homeowners are looking for. It is cheap, reduces wastages and takes a short time to complete while fulfilling all your needs for thermal and acoustic effectiveness.

Installing Hebel power panel should not be a daunting process although this construction should be handled by skilled professionals. It is advisable to choose credible licensed businesses that have profound experience dealing with such constructions. We offer full Hebel power panel installation and are the genuine business licensed to handle this lightweight masonry. The construction only takes a few days to finish and the site is easy to clean once your structure is up.