Exsulite EIFS Cladding

Expanded polystyrene system: Its light weight, strength and thermal insulation characteristics provide cost effective high performance solutions. Expanded polystyrene is a superior wall cladding system and our certified team use exsulite thermal façade system by dulux a fully intergrated system which is codemark accredited. In compliance with the building code of Australia [BCA] and passes BAL29 bushfire attack level. It starts with breathable wall wrap, cavity spaces, high polymer basecoat render with alkaline mesh, flexible acrylic texture and a weather proof dulux membrane paint from the leading coating manufacturer which will give you Energy Efficiency to 6 star rating.

Hebel Power Floor

PowerFloor is a strong and solid flooring system used in first floors or suspended ground floors, as well as decks and balconies.

PowerFloor panels are made from aerated concrete that’s reinforced with corrosion protected steel mesh. The panels are easily installed over steel or timber joists. The result is an excellent solid base for just about any floor covering.

The acoustic and thermal insulation benefits of PowerFloor can provide a more comfortable and tranquil home.  You can feel safer knowing that Hebel is non-combustible and has proven fire resistant levels up to 240 minutes.

The PowerFloor system:

  • eliminates squeaking associated with particle board floors and noise transfer
  • has a solid feel eliminating the bounce and flex of timber sheet flooring
  • has superior thermal performance – particularly for suspended floors on sloping sites
  • is extremely strong – each panel is reinforced with corrosion-protected steel mesh
  • panels fit snugly together to form a strong and smooth floor
  • is installed like conventional particleboard using onsite tradesmen such as carpenters
  • is not affected by weather during installation.


Hebel Power Panels (Walls)

Hebel is 100% manufactured in Australia by CSR and is proven to be an successful building product both here in Australia and overseas. Hebel is fast, highly fire resistant , high acoustic absorbing and energy efficient.
Our certified team install a whole Hebel System from the Panels to the final coatings. CSR Hebel has worked closely with the leading coating manufacturer Dulux Acratex to develop a range of finishing options for all Hebel Systems, from simple acrylic coatings to high build renders and textures.