Wall System

When it comes to building construction of either a whole or business venture, good old fashioned system of stone walling and hand painting has always been preferred. This has largely been due to the fact that it provides best results. Over time however other measures of ensuring that a buildings outlook is simply attractive and at the same time cost effective and less time consuming have been embraced. This is largely seen in theexsulite facade system that provides a less tedious and time consuming alternative

What it the exsulite facade system

Simply put the exsulite facade system is a specification system that encompasses a light weight wall cladding solution. This system is useful for surveyors, specifies and surveyors in the construction and rendering of building business. The design of the exsulite system is made in a way that it offers guidelines to both steel and timber construction providing versatility at every time. This is made plausible by the inclusion of use of light weight material that is self-draining and allows cavity walling system.

What the exsulite system compromises of

To ensure that it is a one stop solution to walling system that is faster and easier to use than good old fashion masonry construction; various useful and different features are included. This includes; a breathable wall wrap, exsulite flashing tape used for openings and penetrations, pre- coated composite panel, a cavity closer that is inclusive of weep holes, exsulite membrane water proof coating, alkali resistant exsulite wire mesh and top coat system design.

What the exsulitefacade system provides

The specifiers provideunique and faster safer and more durable means of providing support when dealing with walling issues. With the design purpose objectively made to provide faster building hat other more traditional and rather conventional masonry construction, it is intended for use by the external insulation façade system (EIFS). This provides the perfect installation coating system especially for walls which makes it ideally an all-inclusive light weight exterior walling system feature. It provides waterproof external envelope hence deals with arising and expected moisture management issues that are well complemented with the self- draining feature. To get the best out of this, one delving in construction and rendering should ensure that this wall cladding solution feature is supplied only by DuluxACraTex or DuluxAcraTex approved suppliers, in order to get original and high quality product

How to get the most out of its investment with design and installation

As the whole design of the exsulite facade system isto provide an all-inclusive walling solution, due diligence on ones parts is important to get the best out of this. This means that it is imperative to stick to the approved standard system that has been pre- sanctioned by the DuluxAcraTex. With the exsulite walling system, terms and conditions also apply with the use. This means that utmost directive should be put in place to avoid cases where specifications are ignored should be eliminated as this might compromise the overall outlook. This in turn renders the whole issue of warranties, guarantees invalid. With this special care should be taken to ensure that one does not change the specification midway of a project and thus settling on desired specifications before commencement of a job is advised to get desired results.