Hebel Solid

Hebel PowerFloor is a high-performance concrete flooring system best used for installation over timber or steel joints. It provides a superior flooring solution at a significantly reduced cost while still maintaining the qualities and feel of a concrete floor. It has been used in Europe for over 7 decades and here in Australia for over 2 decades.

Its panels are reinforced with corrosion-protected steel mesh. They also feature tongue and grooved edges which fit perfectly together to form a strong, solid and smooth floor suitable for any floor covering.

Hebel PowerFloor can be easily installed by on-site tradesmen such as carpenters and, unlike concrete, does not need propping or curing and is ready for the application of floor finishes within a day.


Advantages of Hebel PowerFloor

Solidity, comfort and quiet

The system is solid thereby eliminating squeaking to reduce airborne noise such as foot-fall from upper floors thus offering supreme comfort and serenity unlike particle board and timber board flooring. This is especially important given the preference of hard flooring surfaces like timber and tiles in place of carpet and tiles. PowerFloor boasts superior thermal performance thereby achieving thermal ratings that result in reduced heating and cooling costs.


Proven in the market

Hebel products are developed in Australia by CSR Building Products Limited. Note that with CSR you are guaranteed of product quality, technical expertise, warranty and constant supplies.


Solid as well as Tough as concrete yet still lightweight

A steel-reinforced 75mm thick panel is solid and strong but still a lightweight concrete floor that can be easily laid by your normal on-site tradesmen such as carpenters.


Peace of mind

The combination of thermal resistance in conjunction with thermal mass make Hebel PowerFloor an ideal as well as smart choice for meeting Australia’s stringent building regulations.


Reduced energy costs

Basically, the thermal effectiveness and efficiency of Hebel can hassle free reduce reliance of heating and cooling appliances. Using air conditioning or fans less in summer or a heater less in winter can offer a big relief on the rising energy costs.


Faster construction period

It is faster to construct than suspended concrete as no propping or curing is required. Typical placements of 70m2 per day can be achieved with follow on trades starting after 24 hours.


High fire resistance for Security and Added Peace of mind

Hebel is non- combustible and renowned for its fire resistant properties. It achieves a FRL i.e. Fire Resitance Levels tested at CSIRO from 60 minutes and below (with Relevant CSR Gyprock ceiling) through to 240 minutes from above.


Better acoustic properties

Creaking timber is eliminated as the tongue and groove solid floor locks together. The superior airborne insulation against noise makes it easy to enjoy home entertainment without disturbing the rest of the family.


Environmental sustainability

Hebel is also recently striving to set unique sustainability standards in building materials residential living. This is because Hebel has been discovered to have very clear environmental merits across all key environmental criteria. Be aware any product proving to be effective and functioning in the same manner as Hebel must have 30 percent lower impact than the alternatives for it to be awarded this label.